Fields of application

  • Hygiene for men and women
  • ideal for increased discharge during pregnancy


  • Sanitary strip
  • invisible everyday protection you won’t feel
  • unscented
  • extra soft
  • skin-friendly
  • light absorbency
  • for mild incontinence
  • keeps underpants stain-free
  • prevents raw skin from perspiration

The Senta Secret Strip sanitary strip provides discreet and reliable protection. Little everyday moments, like exercising, sneezing or laughing, can turn into uncomfortable situations if you have mild urinary incontinence. Senta Secret Strip protects your underwear from all types of fluids, giving you peace of mind as you go about your day, while also keeping your underpants clean. It can also prevent raw skin caused by perspiration when exercising, for example.

This sanitary strip is an extra soft, fragrance-free strip made from cellulose to absorb small amounts of fluid. Can be used by women or men and is quick and easy to change when going to the toilet. Senta Secret Strip is your solution so you can go about your day with confidence again.

Available in two sizes:

  • The large box for home (50 strips)
  • The small, practical travel case (5 strips)

That’s how easy it is:

  1. Take the strip out of the wrapper and open it up.
  2. Put the Senta Secret Strip between the inner labia or bottom cheeks.
  3. Then enjoy your day – if used correctly the napkin can’t be felt or seen. And of course, change it every time you go to the toilet.