BELLAWA Baby Wadding Buds

The hygienic, gentle tool for daily personal care of babies and children

Fields of application

  • for daily personal care of babies and children
  • has special safety tips
  • Do not insert into the ear canal


  • Environmentally friendly paper stick
  • cotton tip made from 100% cotton
  • manufactured without chlorine bleach
  • environmentally friendly FSC-certified packaging
  • Plastic-free

The BELLAWA Baby cotton buds with extra soft cotton tips were developed specifically for use on babies and children. Their safety tips are shaped so they can be used to clean small nostrils and outer ears, while eliminating the worry that you might hurt your little one.

BELLAWA Baby cotton buds are a hygienic, gentle tool that can be used for daily personal care of babies and children. The cotton bud features an extra gentle cotton tip for ultimate comfort, and an environmentally friendly paper stick. BELLAWA Baby cotton buds come in an environmentally friendly, fully FSC-certified folding box decorated with adorable animal grapnics. One package contains 60 Baby cotton buds.