BELLAWA Natural Pads

Fields of application

  • for daily hygiene
  • to apply and remove make-up
  • to clean and care for skin
  • to remove nail polish


  • semi-bleached cotton pads – the manufacturing process for semi-bleached cotton is more environmentally friendly
  • with cottonseeds, a natural marker of quality
  • made from 100% renewable natural cotton
  • environmentally friendly – produced without chlorine bleach
  • Duo Pad - with one textured side and one smooth side
  • lint-free and holds its shape
  • extra absorbent
  • vegan
  • packaging is fully recyclable

Tried-and-tested BELLAWA quality in a new more sustainable form. To produce the new semi-bleached cotton pads, 100% renewable natural cotton is processed using a new more environmentally friendly process. The BELLAWA Natural Pads have a new natural beige colour that is the result of this special process. The tiny brown cottonseeds which are visible in the structure of the material are another mark of quality and sustainability. The lint-free pads keep their shape, are made without chlorine bleach and are vegan.

These pads have the tried-and-tested DUO surfaces, with one textured side and one smooth side, so you will be ready for anything. The ribbed surface is your secret weapon for removing nail lacquer. The smooth side is not only very effective at removing eye make-up, but it is also very gentle on your skin. Thanks to their excellent absorbency, they absorb fluids such as toner and even lotions very well.

BELLAWA Natural Pads come in environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable packaging and have a convenient tear-open feature so you can remove your cotton pads hygienically. One pack of environmentally friendly BELLAWA Natural Pads contains 80 cotton pads.