BELLAWA Bamboo Maxi Pads

The best of both worlds – bamboo and cotton

Fields of application

  • for daily hygiene
  • to apply and remove make-up
  • to clean and care for skin
  • to remove nail polish


  • big square wadding pads
  • resource-saving raw material mix of 25% bamboo and 75% cotton
  • Duo Pad - with one textured side and one smooth side
  • lint-free, retains its shape and extra absorbent
  • manufactured without chlorine bleach
  • fully recyclable packaging

The extra-large BELLAWA Bamboo Maxi Pads are square-shaped and make your daily beauty and skin care routine even more comfortable thanks to their convenient size. Thanks to the unique bamboo/cotton blend, the pad’s surface is extremely soft, and thus even more supple and gentle on the skin. Now it also features the typical BELLAWA DUO surface, making it easier to remove make-up and nail varnish. Thanks to their excellent absorbency, they absorb fluids such as toner and even lotions very well – an important feature when using the pads as eye dressing pads or to apply special treatments or exfoliating scrubs.

The new BELLAWA Maxi Pads are made from a more eco-friendly blend of bamboo fibres and cotton. Bamboo is a naturally fast-growing raw material that is a highly renewable resource. Once planted, bamboo can be harvested continuously on an annual basis. The pads are produced totally chlorine-free (TCF), and they come in fully recyclable packaging that has a practical EcoString to re-close the pouch or hang it up.

One package contains 50 Maxi pads.