Ecological Sustainability

Responsible management of resources of all types

Rauscher and the L&R Group are characterised by having a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly corporate structure and production processes: The environment is taken into account throughout our entire value chain. Every year we review our environmental parameters, which include reducing fuel consumption, recycling and programmes for saving energy.

As a company in the healthcare sector, we are committed to complying with stringent legal standards and industry regulations. These standards and regulations refer both to safety aspects for healthcare professionals and patients and  to environmental aspects such as raw materials, sewage/water, air/climate, energy, environmentally relevant substances and waste/disposal. At each location environmental managers are responsible for complying with defined environmental considerations. 

An audit of our environmental management each quarter provides the data used to monitor compliance with our environmental guidelines. And it goes without saying that we comply with all laws and regulations in the markets in which we are active. The DIN ISO standards 14001 and 50001 have a very high priority for our Group.

The model factory

The L&R Group manufactures for regional and international markets at twelve locations around the world. For production in particular we ensure that we use resource-conserving processes and production methods, environmentally friendly materials and logistics which protect the environment and conserve energy.

01. Mexican production site in Acuña

Reusing the selvedge trimmed from the raw material to make supports. Important small pieces are cut out from the scraps or selvedge trimmings. By doing this, L&R combines conservation of resources with a reduction in waste.

02. Optimisation of the freight structures in Austria

By removing a fixed route structure, the transport structures in Austria were optimised: By doing this, we are reducing CO2emissions while delivering our products to our customers within 24 to 48 hours. 

03. Energy usage and climate protection

Through different measures for saving energy, such as using HD humidifying in Schönau, the HV charging station at the Eurolager warehouse, the motor-driven compressor in Stará Paka, the use of LED lights in Europe and China, we were able to lower energy consumption by 4%.

04. Increased efficiency in the carding room

By purchasing a high-performance carding machine for producing tampon ribbons, which replaced two production lines, the following savings were achieved:

Energy savings due to the geometry of the production machines, more efficient drive trains, optimised controls and less exhaust air. 
CO2reduction in kg per year: 183,766 (electricity), 37,138 (gas)


At the L&R site in Xishui (China) CO2emissions were reduced by switching to local sourcing.

06. Certifications

Certification of the production facilities in Xishui (China), Slavkov, Stará Paka and Nová Paka (Czech Republic) as well as Vienna, Schönau, Graz, Dornbirn (Austria) in accordance with the international environmental management standard DIN ISO 14001.

Energy management certification DIN ISO 50001 for L&R in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. 

Sustainable in quality and purchasing, reliable due to compliance with guidelines

Rauscher and the L&R Group operate on the basis of the internationally recognised and certified quality management system ISO 9001 with defined standards, tested raw materials, purchased parts, components and services.

Furthermore, we cooperate with a network of efficient and reliable suppliers who comply with the L&R code of conduct. With new technologies, innovations and a keen awareness of costs, we create the conditions for ongoing optimisation of the relevant performance variables of product quality, cost, time and service in the value chain.

The rules with respect to transparent business processes with external partners, as well as internal rules of conduct, apply across all locations and around the world. Together with the corporate strategy and philosophy, legally valid compliance guidelines and codes of conduct form the foundation of the compliance programme.

In combination with high quality standards, transparent processes for purchasing and procurement and a functional network of L&R employees and external partners, the company is always in compliance.

Certifications and audits

Companies that operate internationally undergo certification by neutral programmes that evaluate them in terms of topics such as environmental and employee protection.

While L&R of course undergoes all legally required and industry standard certifications and registrations, the company also focuses on the ISO DIN standards and the assessment platforms EcoVadis and Sedex.

EcoVadis certificates

EcoVadis is a leading provider of assessments in the area of CSR/sustainability. EcoVadis operates the first collaborative CSR assessment platform that enables companies to rate the performance of their suppliers with regard to CSR and sustainability. The methodology used by EcoVadis conforms to international GRI/G4 and ISO 26000 guidelines.

In 2015, L&R was given the EcoVadis bronze rating, its first award for its CSR performance. In 2017, L&R received the EcoVadis silver rating.