BELLAWA Lid in Lid Box

The gentle multipurpose product for home use

Fields of application

  • for daily hygiene and skin care
  • to apply ointment
  • to fix make-up and nail varnish
  • Do not insert into the ear canal


  • Environmentally friendly paper stick
  • cotton tip made from 100% cotton
  • manufactured without chlorine bleach

BELLAWA cotton buds are a hygienic, gentle tool that can be used for all your daily skin care, cleansing and cosmetics needs. The cotton buds feature an extra soft cotton tip for ultimate user comfort, and an environmentally friendly paper stick.

The compact, clear plastic box has a convenient opening on the lid for accessing the cotton buds, so you are able to take just the number of cotton buds you need without having to open up the entire box. A hygienic and convenient solution that keeps dust off and avoids contaminants. The box contains 200 cotton buds.