Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability – Creating added value

For Rauscher and the L&R Group, sales, earnings and employee trends are balanced in a financially sound way. The efficient use of scarce resources when creating products and services in conjunction with the long-term realisation of profits and protection of the company likewise has the highest priority.

For us, adding value means developing effective products, concepts and solutions in constructive collaboration with customers and partners in order to protect and improve our health. Along with innovation and efficiency, sustainability is one of L&R’s main corporate values.

We work for people’s health. A major driver of our business activities is continuous improvement and helping ensure that increasing numbers of people can access an advanced healthcare system. Demographic shifts, an ageing society, increasing mobility and networking are developments with which companies in the healthcare industry in particular must grapple. 

Rauscher and the entire L&R Group are taking on these challenges.