Private label medical devices

Well equipped for any emergency.

Rauscher is a wholly owned subsidiary of a multinational medical device manufacturer and we offer a tailored and carefully selected medical device portfolio for first aid products to round out your private label product range. Along with various first aid bags and first aid cases for medical first aid using plasters, wound dressings and bandages to products for sports and hygiene for those little accidents at home or when out and about, we can cover all areas.

See for yourself how our expert advice and more than 160 years of experience in the area  of medical devices can get you the result you want when completing your private label product range. Working together with you, we plan your new product range to meet your needs, implement your corporate design specifications for packaging and deliver the ordered products on time and in accordance with your requirements.

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Private label plasters

To treat those little everyday wounds and to stock the home medicine cabinet, Rauscher provides a wide range of plasters in the private label area.


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Private label gloves & masks

Private label gloves and masks from Rauscher make the perfect addition to home medicine chests and travel first-aid kits, providing hygienic protection during first aid measures, among other uses.


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Private label wound dressings & bandages

In the area of wound dressings and bandages, there is a large selection of specialty dressings and bandages for professional wound care at home. 


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Private label sports

Rauscher offers products in the private label sports area that are used for both prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, burns or pulled muscles.


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Our helpful representatives are available to advise you about all aspects of our private label range tailored to your personal situation and requirements. Contact us now!

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