senta PRIMA

Fields of application

  • Maternity pads


  • special sanitary towels
  • for use after birth
  • for day and night use
  • double absorbent pad
  • integrated clothing protection layer
  • extra soft
  • skin-friendly

The Senta Prima specialty sanitary napkin is the comfortable solution for the sensitive post-partum period. It has a very soft double absorbent sanitary napkin that reliably absorbs what is initially quite heavy bleeding. It also provides comfortable cushioning when sitting – an effect appreciated by many new mothers. The integrated clothing protection layer prevents leaks and offers the right amount of protection.

Thanks to its size and absorbency, Senta Prima can be used during the day and overnight. It will help you feel confident and fresh always so you can concentrate on those wonderful first days with your baby without worrying. One package contains 20 specialty napkins.