BELLAWA Deodorant wipes

Fields of application

  • 24-hour protection
  • or long-lasting protection against perspiration and unpleasant odours
  • versatile product for use on different parts of the body (including hands and feet)


  • all-natural renewable cotton
  • 0% aluminium, 0% alcohol
  • pleasant fresh fragrance
  • no staining
  • fully recyclable packaging

A gentle way to feel fresh when you’re out and about

Our new compact BELLAWA Deodorant wipes give you a long-lasting fresh and clean feeling. Thanks to their convenient size they can fit into any handbag, making them perfect for when you are out and about or travelling.

The deodorant wipes offer 24-hour protection from perspiration and unpleasant odours without leaving behind traces on your clothing. They are suitable for sensitive skin and contain 0% aluminium and 0% alcohol.

The environmentally friendly deodorant wipes are made from all-natural sustainable cotton and come in fully recyclable packaging.

One pack contains 12 deodorant wipes.