BELLAWA maxi Pads

Fields of application

  • for daily hygiene
  • to apply and remove make-up
  • to clean and care for skin
  • to remove nail polish


  • large soft cotton pads
  • made from cotton and synthetic fibres
  • environmentally friendly – produced without chlorine bleach
  • stable square shape
  • smooth, lint-free surface
  • extra absorbent

If you enjoy wearing make-up and also prefer to use sustainable products, these extra-large square cotton pads are just right for you. The soft surface is the perfect way to gently and thoroughly cleanse your skin. They are very versatile thanks to their size. Instead of using several small pads, you only need to use one maxi Pad. Not only is this more convenient, but it is also good for the environment.

The cotton pads are made from cotton and synthetic fibres, are lint-free and hold their shape. Thanks to their excellent absorbency, they absorb fluids such as toner and even lotions very well and distribute them evenly – helpful features when using the pads as eye pads or to apply special treatments.

The packaging is easy to tear open thanks to a special mechanism and it comes with a cotton string to close it up again. One package contains 50 pads.