L+R handdisinfect blue

Propanol hand disinfectant

Fields of application

  • for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection


  • hygienic hand disinfection acc. to VAH/EN 1500: 30 sec
  • surgical hand disinfection acc. to VAH/EN 12791: 90 sec
  • bactericidal acc. to VAH/EN 13727: 30 sec
  • levurocidal acc. to VAH/EN 13624: 30 sec
  • tuberculocidal acc. to VAH/EN 14348: 30 sec
  • mycobactericidal acc. to VAH/EN 14348: 30 sec
  • limited virucidal activity acc. to DVV [German Association against Virus Diseases]/RKI [Robert Koch Institute], effective against enveloped viruses acc. to VAH/EN 14476: 30 sec
  • limited viricidal activity PLUS, incl. noroviruses and adenoviruses in acc. with EN 14476; 30 sec.
  • effective against rotaviruses in acc. with EN 14476; 30 sec.
  • does not contain residual agents

To note

  • rub undiluted into dry hands
  • keep the hands wet in the given application time
  • take particular care to wet the thumbs and fingertips well
  • take care when using hand disinfectants
  • always read the label and product information prior to use


  • VAH (Association of Applied Hygiene) list, ÖGHMP (Austrian Society for Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventative Medicine) expert reports list, IHO (Industry Association for Hygiene & Surface Protection) list of viricides