Rauscher first aid bag for motorcycles, DIN 13167

Fields of application

  • First aid


  • the popular first aid bag from Rauscher for motorcycles
  • small transparent slide closure bag
  • triangular bandage in the bag complies with ÖNORM K2122

This first-aid bag contains supplies specifically chosen for single-track vehicles and is suitable for short and long trips, as well as the daily commute to work. These vehicles includes motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, etc.

Ordering information

Rauscher first aid bag for motorcycles, DIN 13167

QuantityContentsSizeREFShipping unitsShipping units
2First Aid Guide - Information for Emergencies1066661/151/15
4Adhesive wound dressings10 x 6 cm
2Fingertip plaster
2Fingerbandage12 x 2 cm
2Plaster strips1.9 x 7.2 cm
4Plaster strips2.5 x 7.2 cm
1Adhesive tape spool2.5 cm x 5 m
1Dressing Kits8 x 10 cm
1Dressing Kits10 x 12 cm
1Dressing cloth60 x 80 cm
1Emergency blanket160 x 210 cm
1First aid scissors
4Single-use gloves
2Skin-prep wipe