senta Tampons SUPER SAFETY TOP & sensity

Fields of application

  • for heavier flow, particularly at night


  • high absorbency
  • with special SAFETY TOP safety channel
  • Rounded end
  • Removal thread with StayDry
  • 100% Lenzing viscose core
  • 8-groove design
  • Twist & Open

The Senta® Super Tampon offers high absorbency and is recommended in particular for days with heavy menstrual flow and at night. The special “SafetyTop” safety channel guides the fluid directly into the tampon core, which is made from 100% viscose, thus additionally increasing the absorptive capacity of the tampon once again. With its special grooved structure, the tampon optimally adapts to the body and enlarges evenly. This results in it being barely noticeable while being used. The Sensity surface covers the tampon, minimises linting and makes insertion and removal of the tampon easier. The tampon’s removal string is made from 100% cotton. A gynecological test has additionally confirmed the tolerability of Super SafetyTop Sensity Tampons with a rating of “very good”.