senta Tampons Normal

Fields of application

  • for normal to moderate menstrual flow


  • Absorption capacity: 3 droplets
  • has a special safety channel
  • soft and (very) thin nonwoven cover
  • rounded end
  • 8 groove profile
  • Tampon core made of 100% viscose (plant-based)
  • StayDry removal thread, entirely made of cotton
  • with Twist & Open technology for easy removal of the tampon
  • carbon-neutral manufacturing

The senta Tampon Normal provides optimal leak-protection on days with normal to moderately heavy flow. The special SafetyTop safety channel guides the fluid directly into the tampon core, which is made from 100% viscose, thus additionally increasing the absorptive capacity of the tampon. The soft Sensity nonwoven cover prevents fibres from becoming loose and the extra smooth SoftSilk surface ensures comfortable insertion and removal of the tampon. With its special grooved structure, the tampon optimally adapts to the body, so it is barely noticeable when being used. The tampon’s removal thread is made from 100% cotton and, thanks to the StayDry technology, it stays dry during insertion.

Furthermore, the tampons are produced with carbon-neutral manufacturing, have been tested by gynaecologists, and are free from chemical additives, fragrances, optical brighteners and animal components.