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Feminine hygiene

Reliable – Safe – Good

All-round feeling of well-being every day

Reliable protection, superb comfort and a contoured shape are the distinctive qualities of Rauscher feminine hygiene products. The sanitary towels, panty liners and tampons all have a very soft surface structure, can be worn with confidence and ensure optimal freedom of movement.

A strong bond…

Rauscher sanitary towels are available in a variety of versions – thick or thin, without wings or with wings or scented or unscented, they offer discreet protection during your period. Fleecy cellulose or a soft nonwoven outer layer ensure superb comfort. Secure hold and wear is assured, for example by means of an adhesive strip on the underside of some hygiene products.

You’re in control...

Rauscher panty liners are suitable for everyday use to protect clothing and are available in a contoured fit. They offer optimal freedom of movement, are gentle on the skin and breathable.

Playing it safe...

Rauscher tampons offer reliable protection and can hardly be felt. Whether at home, on the move or doing sport – they can be worn with confidence and you can enjoy full freedom of movement. Their slim tip and the soft, thin fleece outer layer facilitate insertion and removal. The special ribbed structure helps to transfer fluid uniformly into the core of the tampon. The specially developed SAFETY TOP safety channel ensures that fluid is drawn directly into the absorbent core made from high-grade viscose, and is stored there efficiently. The TWIST & OPEN system makes removal of the tampon from the individual packaging fast and easy.

The tampons are available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies. To increase protection against infection while swimming, Rauscher has developed a special protective tampon for use when bathing.