Cotton pads for men

Cosmetics and skin care is no longer just women's business. More and more men are placing a greater value on a well-groomed appearance. BELLAWA men was developed specially for the skin care-conscious man. It is an important innovation for the cosmetics market. The novel cotton pad contains colloidal silver, which even at the lowest concentrations combines in itself a number of positive hygienic properties. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimycotic activity.

Apart from the positive hygienic properties, BELLAWA men offers two profiles that are tailored directly to male facial skin: one to enable better distribution of fluid, the other to reduce lint. In this way, BELLAWA men fills a niche in the cosmetics market for men.

The advantages of BELLAWA men at a glance:


  • Grooved profile for better distribution of fluid
  • Cotton core with colloidal silver
  • Smooth, low-lint profile