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Cosmetics & cotton wool

Grooming - Cleansing - Relaxing

Baby your skin with cotton wool

Rauscher’s cotton wool products can be used for a variety of purposes in the bathroom and in the home in general. The cotton wool range from Rauscher offers cotton wool, cotton pads, balls and buds for daily grooming, as well as the gentle Blitz car polishing cotton wool. Rauscher only uses raw materials made without chlorinated bleach in all its cotton wool products.

Cleanse the skin with cotton pads

Rauscher’s cotton pads are soft, smooth and lint-free. Because of these properties, they are ideally suited to removing make-up and cleaning and caring for face, neck and décolletage. They are also suitable for removing nail varnish. Whether small, large, square, round or with a variety of surface structures – the cotton pads can be used for a wide variety applications. A distinguishing feature is that they are mostly made from 100% cotton and without additives.

Cotton buds

Rauscher’s cotton buds are used mainly for beauty care and baby care, however they are also suitable for cleaning in the home, and in various technical areas. The small heads are made from 100% cotton wool, naturally bleached without chlorine. Made from an extra-soft and flexible material, Rauscher’s cotton buds are available in a variety of sizes, colours, types of packaging and with decorative packaging designs.

A little cotton wool goes a long way

Rauscher’s cotton wool is used for a very wide range of applications – in the home, for facial and body care, at the doctor’s, in the hospital or for cleaning vehicles. It is available in various versions and is made from the raw materials viscose or cotton wool, both of which are bleached without using chlorine.


Please think of the environment and don’t throw cotton wool or cotton wool products down the toilet after use, but discard them with residual (unsortable) waste.