Fields of application

for daily hygiene

to clean and care for skin


ridged profile for better distribution of fluids

cotton layer with colloidal silver ions

Nonwoven covering to minimise lint




Cosmetics and skin care is no longer just for women. Increasing numbers of men have been making good grooming a higher priority. BELLAWA men was specifically developed for the modern man who is knowledgeable about skin care – an important innovation on the cosmetics market. The innovative cotton pad contains colloidal silver, which even at trace concentrations has a number of positive characteristics relating to hygiene:

it is antibacterial, antiseptic and antimycotic.

In addition to the positive hygiene characteristics, BELLAWA men offers two profiles geared directly toward men’s facial skin for better fluid distribution and/or less linting. BELLAWA men thus fills a niche in the cosmetics sector for men.

An overview of the advantages of BELLAWA men: - grooved surface for better fluid distribution - cotton core with colloidal silver - smooth, low-lint profile.