Modern products in the cosmetics and hygiene sector must comply with numerous requirements and come up with new innovations on an ongoing basis. The Rauscher range combines grooming and hygiene features with simple application and storage.

In addition to many years’ experience of producing private label products, traditional brands such as Senta, Bellawa or the cotton wool brand Gloria underline Rauscher’s many years of product and marketing expertise.

In the medical devices sector, as a wholly owned subsidiary of L&R Group, Rauscher can fall back on decades of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of medical devices, which is reflected in top quality, optimized function and high levels of expertise. Therefore Rauscher offers tailor-made solutions for traditional and modern wound care.

Private Label Business

Rauscher Consumer Products turns strong products into successful brand names. To achieve this objective, RCP places its marketing, product and service expertise at the disposal of its customers:
from analyzing existing product lines and identifying future market potentials to specific recommendations for new products and product improvements to mass production.

High-functionality packaging and target group-appropriate design are also part of the services we provide in the private label sector, as are marketing strategies and marketing measures. Working with customers from the regular and discount retail sector, Rauscher develops individual packaging that highlights the individual character of the product group, thus helping to clearly differentiate products from those of competitors.